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Essential Strains for The Backwoods Smoker
Cannabis Now’s staff writer Jimi Devine, known for having “the woods with the goods,” gives his top five strains to smoke in a Backwoods.



With an astounding range of flavors to choose from BACKWOOD PRE ROLL, both newbie and experienced cigar enthusiasts will have lots of choices to select from. They are available in peach, grape, blueberry, tropical, wine, strawberry, cherry, regular, chocolate, sweet, white grape and black, among other unique flavors. For fruity, juicier options, smokers can choose the white grape, blueberry, peach or strawberry packs. For those with discerning palates, the wine and chocolate flavors are great options.

These cigars are of mild strength. Depending upon the variant, they boast of ring gauges that are anywhere between 28 and 41. Their lengths, on the other hand, range from 3 ⅞ to 5 inches. The brand offers both slim and hefty cigars, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. They come in resealable foil pouches that promise to retain freshness anytime you choose to store them. They first came into the market in 1958 and are now made in Jacksonville, Florida.

The rich, aromatic smoke of each cigar will gently allure your senses and relax you to the core.

The original Wild N’ Mild has a classic taste and is a great alternative to traditional cigars. Black N’ Sweet Aromatic cigars are made with blackened natural leaves and offer a beautiful, bold and sweet taste. If you ‘re craving for a sweet, fragrant smoke, then the Sweet Aromatic cigars are perfect for you. Backwood pre roll cigars also come in a unique and delightful combination, namely honey and berry. The sweet fruitiness of a Honey Berry cigar is refreshing and delightful. The Honey Bourbon flavor is absolutely brilliant when you’re short on time. Smoke these on the go and satisfy your craving.

Backwood pre roll cigars were first manufactured in 1981 and since then have been bestsellers. You can buy these cigars in packs of singles, doubles, fives or eights. They come in resealable foil pouches that help preserve their freshness and flavor. These cigars should be on your required list of gear when you go camping, hiking, fishing or trekking with friends.

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WIFI OG, GG4, Purple Punch, Zkittlez, Blueberry Cookies, COFFEE, Diesel, Flowery, Honey, Grapefruite, TAR, TEA, SKUNK, STRAWBERRY, CHEESE


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