What to know before you buy Dankwood pre rolls (clementine)? Dankwoods  pre rolls are hand-rolled with two grams of top-shelf flower, and a quarter gram of hash dipped in Kief. Packaged in a glass container and made ready to enjoy. Call or send us an email to buy in bulk or get wholesale pricing.

Dankwoods pre rolls (clementine) deliver a smooth, clean hit. Gorilla Glue is a potent hybrid strain that will leave you feeling glued to the couch. This strain has an earthy, pungent aroma and sweet flavors. Dankwoods Pre Rolls (Clementine)  contain 2g of premium flower with a quarter gram of concentrate, rolled and dusted in kief.

-King Louie
-Blue Dream
-Jet Fuel
-Banana Kush
-Mars OG
-Gorilla Glue
-Tahoe OG
-Wedding Cake
-Sour Diesel
-Hardcore OG